Help Us Provide Whatever Is Pure to Orphans in Kitale

The Shekinah Glory Missions Center began in 2008 to care for orphans and vulnerable children. It is located in Kitale, Kenya in East Africa. In addition to English and Kiswahili, there are 42 tribal languages spoken across the country.

Education in Kenya becomes very expensive after eighth grade, so many poor and orphaned children cannot continue their studies.

Whatever Is Pure, WIP, is a non-profit organization founded by Traci Slusarski. WIP has been a part of the Education Equals Hope family since December 2016.

After 10 years in existence, the program now supports 550 orphans, 320 high school students, 15 abandoned babies, and 17 college students.

We do this
-by providing one healthy meal a day to students through our feeding programs
-by sponsoring programs for street kids to be given a chance to be educated
thru scholarship programs:
--for orphans that are now seniors in secondary school. These scholarships help students consider enrolling in University, with their fees being paid.
--to 19 babies who were found abandoned in the bush. Orphan Rescue Baby Program is the monthly sponsorship program of these infants/toddlers
-purchasing food needs to help orphanages (i.e. seed funds, rental of land for farming for food for our school partners; animal purchases: chickens for eggs, goats and cows)

We need your help because we are currently only able to help educate 352 students and feed 58. Would you be willing to join us to provide HOPE to orphans and abandoned children?

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  • Dbf6754e143c61154b4f5b6705955cef.png?s=240& avatar

    Richard Oglesby

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  • B4211c3f3adb068776f4ec90479489cd.png?s=240& avatar

    Molly Courcelle

    Donated $102.56
  • A1f36b9280a0fa2252aad16896bc805e.png?s=240& avatar

    Dennis/Cathy Lowes

    Donated $51.43